Biplob: New Member of concrete5 Japan



This is Biplob. The new member of concrete5 Japan, Inc. and a full stack web developer experienced both in front end, back end and rest api development.

I’ve graduated M.Sc in Information and Communication Engineering from Islamic University, Bangladesh in 2010. Then I joined in NP Communications as a Network Engineer in Dhaka, Bangladesh. But my passion is web development. That’s why I switched the job and joined in SmartMux, Dhaka, Bangladesh as a Web Developer and Designer in August, 2011. That’s when my web development career started. I made UI design about 60 iOS and Android apps and designed and developed supporting websites of those apps. In January 2013 I promoted onto Senior Web Developer.

The company SmartMux mainly does works for different clients from abroad and native as well. The majority of the clients from USA, Japan, Canada, Australia etc. I also worked in many projects for clients from different countries. Among them there was about six Japanese clients. One of them liked my working skill and style and offered me to come into Japan and join on his company. As the Engineers from third world country like Bangladesh has dream to going abroad, I took that offer and came to Japan in 31st January 2015. And started working on 2nd February 2015.

By this time I’ve learned lot of things. A few months ago I heard about concrete5 Japan. I had a look on their profile and thought that, this is the right place for me. And now I’m a proud member of concrete5 Japan. It seems to me that, now I’m in real technology world. They are very dynamic, very hard working, very energetic and open minded. Learning lots of things from them in everyday.

As a web developer I want to learn lot of things, want to contribute with the companies growth and with the technology world. Now, my mission is to keep a significant footstep on concrete5 Team.